ALL OUR BEAUTIFUL CLIENTS ⚠️”MUST READ” ⚠️👇 A SKIN TEST 24hour prior to color service.

A Salon owner shared an image online of a “regular client “ who suffered a reaction “ten minutes “ after having a “patch test” – the dye is normally left on the skin for 24 hours – and said it was the second case she had experienced.

RHB Skin Safety Tests: PLEASE READ 🤎

The safety of our clients has always been paramount to us all and we are pleased that continuing these same practices is just as simple and easy as before.

Everyone will need a skin test and this is why …👇

The good news is that our skin safety test procedures are still of the same high standard.

New Client

Returning Client

Performed home color or henna color

Performed eyebrow / lash tinting at home

Suffered from an illness that has recently put your immune system under strain

(Coronavirus is an example of this).


Basically = Everyone that requires a Chemical service hair or beauty. Re-skin testing will be a must also if the following occur👇

⚠️Any illness that puts your immune system under strain may cause your body to overreact to colour services.

⚠️Please Note : you will also need a new skin test if you have had Covid 19 or due your Covid 19 Vaccine over the coming days,weeks or much months before a color service.

⚠️Please be upfront and honest so we can keep the possibility of a a reaction to a mineute minimum.

Remember: Covid 19 is still very new and unknown.

Some of us may have contacted Covid 19 and been Asymtamatic.

⚠️SKIN TESTING EVERY CLIENT for COLOR & BEAUTY SERVICES  is A MUST at RHB at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

If you have any concerns relating to this information please let us .

We also have a waiting list on our website , head over pop your name down and we will be in touch soon .

We will re- book all appointments that had been in our system prior to lockdown and continue to our waiting list .

We can not wait to see you all xox

RHB Team