Description (Speedy Blowdry Brush)

Achieve the perfect blow-dry in record time with the Ps We Love Hair Detangle Brush Speed Dry Brush – Black, designed to help speed up your styling process. Crafted with a vented construction, the brush allows air to circulate more easily to evaporate moisture quicker.

Thanks to its heat-resistance bristles, the brush is completely safe to use even while turning your hairdryer onto hotter settings but we recommend medium heat for the health of your hair.

The shorter boar bristles are to gently massage the scalp and creates a smoother cuticle giving you amazing shine and disrupting natural oils along the hair shaft.

The HeatFlex bristles also work to DETANGLE and loosen knots for a silky, tangle-free finish without causing excess breakage by pulling and tugging.

What’s more, the brush has been shaped to suit the contours of your head and scalp, allowing for increased comfort and little chance of irritation.

Suitable for all hair types. Fine/Fragile  –  Medium/Thick Hair or Extensions.