Detangle Me Set by Ps. We Love Hair


The Detangle set is designed to protect your hairs elasticity , less breakage, Faster longer lasting smooth blowdry while caring for your scalp too .
We also love it to brush out curls softly x

BONUS “Get A Grip” Hair Grip Set x 2(worth €6) to assist your SPEEDY Blowdry.

Purchased as a set in a Beautiful  

COLLECTION White Velvet Bag🤍


The Detangle set designed to protect your hairs elasticity. Elasticity simply is the measure of how much the hair will stretch when wet. Healthy hair when it’s wet has the ability to stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its normal shape without breaking. Dry hair only has ability to stretch up to 20%

Unfortunately, hair that has been damaged through using heat appliances, over processed colour. Hard water or harsh minerals or lack of general TLC will over stretch and break off or only return to smaller percentage of its original length making it lack shine, body and over time will deteriorate your hair beyond repair.

Its supper important to look after your hairs elasticity once its damaged it can’t return to its original Length.If you feel your hair doesn’t grow or you simply feel your hair has changed over time poor elasticity could be the reason.We believe that correct brushing techniques along with the correct brush and comb you can prevent your hair from further damage. Brushing Knotty hair can cause a lot of stress even to a child’s virgin hair.

To achieve perfect brushing ritual, we advise to use our shower detangle white brush first and as you condition or use a treatment. It has a handle so you can leave it hanging in the shower and if it’s looking at you hanging yes you will pick it up and use it to comb your conditioner or hair treatment through your hair!


Description (Speedy Blowdry Brush)

Achieve the perfect blow-dry in record time with the Our Detangle Me Brush – Speed Dry Brush – Black, designed to help speed up your styling process. Crafted with a vented construction, the brush allows air to circulate more easily to evaporate moisture quicker.

Thanks to its heat-resistance bristles, the brush is completely safe to use even while turning your hairdryer onto hotter settings.

The shorter boar bristles are to gently massage the scalp and creates a smoother cuticle giving you amazing shine.

The HeatFlex bristles also work to DETANGLE and loosen knots for a silky, tangle-free finish without causing excess breakage by pulling and tugging.

What’s more, the brush has been shaped to suit the contours of your head and scalp, allowing for increased comfort and little chance of irritation.

Suitable for all hair types.  or Extensions.


Description (WET DETANGLE Brush)

The WET  Brush Shower Detangle -BLACK , designed to work out knots and tangles in wet hair with ease.

Designed with ultra-soft Flex bristles to glide through locks and OmniFlex technology to hug the contours of the scalp, our detangling shower hairbrush helps to minimise pain and prevent split ends and breakage.

Featuring a hook to hang it up and a quick-drying design, the brush works to reveal smooth and healthy-looking strands.

BONUS “Get A Grip” Hair Clip to assist your SPEED.

BlowdryPurchased as a set in a Beautiful  PS.WELOVEHAIR COLLECTION White Velvet Bag🤍

Wide spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle, after applying your conditioner, gently use your fingers to divide your hair in half. Start at the bottom of your hair and gently work upwards while holding your hair so that you’re not applying to much force. Don’t ever brush your hair wet from the roots you’re basically begging for breakage and split ends.

When you use our THE WET Brush there’s a lot less friction compared to a comb with smaller spaces between the teeth. The more friction that’s applied to the hair will result in breakage and split ends and we want you to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

The  Detangle Me Set is very gentle and relaxing to use on the hair and scalp. Using the wet brush  to massage your scalp can improve circulation and relax a tired tight scalp.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair


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