It is a gentler option hair accessory in replacement of elastic hairtiesthat will hold hair up in a ponytail securely without tearing — and there’s absolutely NO CREASES

You can brush your hair up into a ponytail and when you let your hair back down, it will still look flawless. You can use the No Crease Ponytail for holding many styles-including low ponytail and plaits WITHOUT DAMAGE.

No Crease Ponytail is a silicone-coated malleable metal circle that bendsto hold your hairin place without damage . Simply feed hairthroughy the No Crease Pony squeeze it flat, then bend each side down to create a U shape. It’s so simple, and best of all, you’ll have a voluminous non-creasing ponytail.

This bobbin is designed to hold hair-in place without creasing and with volume and hold. It is not recommended to apply any hairtie with tight tension as this will cause friction and breakage.

Always allow your w dry before applying any hair ties to avoid damage as your hair is more fragile when wet and always tie loosely when sleeping

When removing open the bobbin in reverse to how you applied it .