RHB 100% Mulberry Silk Sleeping Beauty Set -6A GRADE-22momme


What’s the difference with RHB 22 Momme to cheaper brands ….

What momme is best for pillowcases?
Think of it like thread count—more threads mean extra durability, making for a more luxurious experience.
A 13 19 momme count is perfectly fine, while 25 is top-of-the-line. A RHB  22-momme  silk is going to be significantly more dense than 19-momme—and far more expensive… just not as expensive as 25 momme.

We went with the 22 momme option to give you the best quality at the best price .

You can purchase separately or as a set . For the most luxurious experience we recommend the sleeping beauty set.



Don’t damage your hair and delicate face with the friction of an ordinary pillowcase. When you sleep with RHB mulberry silk, you’ll experience the softest material on the planet (no but seriously, it’s scientifically backed). This keeps your expensive beauty care products properly in place  – instead of all over your pillowcase. The fibers of mulberry silk are less absorbent, which helps maintain your skin’s moisture and natural glow, and can help with hair loss.

Color Available  : Ivory/Black

Both Pillow options comes with 22 momme Black Mask & 22 momme  Black Bobbin