FILL ME IN *Regrowth Blondes -Brunettes -Grey *Fine Hair * Brows *Oil Absorbent *Unisex


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PS we love hair ”Fill Me In”

Innovative brush applicator allows for easy dispensing and distribution. The top level has the hair pigmented powder and a mirror. The bottom level pops off to reveal an applicator puff. Absorbs Oils similar to dry shampoo action with an easy applicator.Our product last longer than sprays as it does not contain aerosol gases.Can also be used to blend in the perfect brows to match your hair tone.

“Fill Me IN” Does exactly that.Thickening fibers make hair appear fuller and thicker and aid in disguising thinning areas.Absorbs natural oils as a bonus, making it look and feel fresh and last longer.It helps cover and conceal regrowth in between your salon visits.Conceals grey ,disguises thinning areas making hair appear thicker and fuller.Gives a brighter tone to dark blonde regrowth. Rich tone to warmer tones.Deep tones to brunettes.Fill Me In looks natural and undetectable with a satin finish.Innovative sponge applicator makes it easy to use at home and on the go.To precisely apply color, targeting where it’s needed.

Created for all hair types including men and everyday use .

We always advise to Shampoo after day 3 regardless of using ‘fill me in’ as your scalp will have a natural build up of natural oils,skin debris and product buildup.

Note: Image may vary to product but the results are amazing .